FURNITURE & CABINETRY - Our meat and potatoes! Although we may dream about building classic wooden sailboats along the shores of a tropical island, reality requires we make a living to feed these dreams. Thus, designing and building fine furniture/cabinetry helps to perfect our skills, refine our classic style, and streamline our techniques.

Shaker Vanity II

Our client was very focused and meticulous about what they were looking for on this project. So, we matched that level of detail in the materials and craftsmanship of this graceful yet powerful vanity. Then we delivered it on time and under budget. Needless to say, the client was impressed --> turns out they didn't really think we could reproduce their vision as exquisitely as we did. Notes to ponder: pleasant surprises are really quite pleasant!

Shaker Vanity I

We like simple pleasures like this simple shaker style vanity made out of humble Poplar with a wiped oil varnish. Throw in a pinch of intricacy with some ornate hardware and poof! A solid classic piece of heirloom furniture.

Victorian Vanity

Now this is an heirloom piece of art with beautiful character in both the materials used (African Mahogany) and the design crafted (steam bent semi-circle geometry - how cool is that?!). The jade marble top just adds that much more old world charm doesn't it? If all of our projects were this cool we would be fat, dumb, and happy. Unfortunately, some projects have omitted the happy part.

Shaker Vanity - Brazilian Cherry

Yet another beautiful work of art! This is the real deal, folks! 100% American-made Fine Furniture.

GI Joes #26

This was another relatively large project. And although it didn't entail any exotic hardwoods or sexy product design, it did educate us on manufacturing. Notes to ponder: Never underestimate the wear-n-tear that certain materials have on your tools and your body, transportation logistics should not be trivialized, and be prepared to stand and fight for what is yours when the general contractor turns out to be a flake. But we're not bitter or anything...

Office Desk System

WARNING: You will not find an office desk system like this at your local Office Depot store! This deliverable was just way too cool for the average office furniture shopper. It dictated custom everything due to the unique office setting, and yet it didn't punish the client's bank account. We kept the design practical while delivering quality and class. Who says Poplar wood isn't classy?! Looks nice to us and the client couldn't have been happier.

Vineta Vanity

Who says all we make are square boxes? Here's a charming little vanity with a shapely figure!

Black Cherry Coffee Table

We try to be as accommodating as possible when a client comes to us with a design idea. But, as reality would have it, sometimes those designs just aren't that sound. Notes to ponder: if it doesn't look that sturdy on paper --> it's probably not going to be.

Coffee Table

In addition to the client needing a place to set TV remotes, beverages, magazines, etc.; they also needed a coffee table that would withstand their children's spills, drooling, crayons, and so on. So we mimicked some architecture from Shermag furniture, made it kid-friendly with rounded corners everywhere, and applied a wiped oil based varnish. Then we set in a brushed stainless steel top that can be replaced as those baby years fly by! Note to ponder: Is "necessity" the mother of invention or perhaps "kid-proofing challenges"?

Children's Play Table

Here's one of those deliverables that you just know will end up being a humble little family heirloom that gets passed from generation to generation. And someday, somebody will ask: "...where the heck did this thing come from?".

Hearth Cabinet & Hutch

This wonderfully accommodating client showed us a picture they saw in a magazine and asked us to build something similar for their living room. We took measurements, matched materials and finish to their existing kitchen cabinetry, built everything remotely at our shop in Camas, Washington, and then came installation day. Guess what? Sometimes things just work and this project definitely worked! Everything fit just fine and when you took a step back to see what had been accomplished you realize the house became a bit more of a home because of this custom woodworking project. That's a nice feeling.

Hamper Vanity

Simple, functional, beautiful. We could do this stuff all day, folks!

Household Vanities

OK, we admit it: we are big fans of cherry furniture & cabinetry. It looks great new and just keeps looking better with age. Eat your heart out, IKEA! Oh, and just word about louvered doors: sure they're hard to make, but just look how cool they are when you're done!

Business Station Table

This client just happen to see the Business Station Table Set we made for the Seattle Hampton Inn and said to us: "Say, we would like something just like that for our hotel. Can you make one for us?". Naturally, we said: "YES!" And that's just what we did.

Business Station Table Set

We like these type of projects! A beautiful cherry table with classic construction techniques topped off with a teak oil finish. Throw a black granite slap on top of everything and you got yourself a classy, as well as functional business station. The client was so pleased with everything they asked us to make two of them. Hey, we even hooked up the computers and printers for these guys!

Breakfast Island Cap

This was a quick little project that added a bit more polished look to the Seattle Hampton Inn breakfast island.

Reception Desk

Yes, this was our first real paying gig and yes, there are so many things we would do differently now. With that being said, we still delivered a stylish reception desk that was a huge improvement in both looks and functionality over what they had. Uh-humm, our deliverable was the curved brushed aluminum desk --> it replaced the square plywood block looking thing.

Mattress Platform

Not much to say about this simple mattress platform made from steamed cherry with a hand-rubbed teak oil finish....EXCEPT for the painfully obvious fact that we could greatly benefit from a professional photographer, yes?

Kitchen Cabinets

Ahhh, beautiful hardwood cherry cabinets! Fun to look at when they're first installed and even funner to watch as they age gracefully year after year into a deep rich luster.

Maple Vanity

This is a simple and beautiful maple vanity sure to be a host to hand washing and teeth brushing for years to come.

Liquor Display Step

Woodworking + Electronics + Liquor = Fun! Viewing this project online just doesn't do it justice. We suggest visiting this great little hotel bar in person and seeing our handiwork for yourself. Give your spirits a lift with a libation made with a spirit displayed on this liquor step at the Bellevue Downtown Courtyard Marriott.

Conference Room Counter

The funnest part of this project was making something really useful out of beautiful Sapele hardwood. One would have to really try hard to build something and have it not come out gorgeous when using this exotic material. We topped it off with an authentic hand rubbed teak oil finish.

Dresser Drawer

This had all the makings of a quick simple project. Then we made the drawer, applied matching stain and finish, then installed it where the old drawer used to be. Everything worked fine except now the new drawer looks so much better than the original! Go figure.

Vanity Counter

Our first big project: 250+ vanity counters for a Courtyard Marriott hotel in Bellevue, Washington. OK, so they're not the sexiest vanity counters ever produced, but the volume of this project educated us on how to (or how NOT to - depending on your perspective) efficiently manufacture the same unit over and over. Other learning curves we encountered were manufacturing logistics such as storage, delivery, installation, peaceful co-existence with general contractors and subcontractors, etc. Oh, and course --> Take more pictures or at least take a few really good pictures (read: do not stand in front of the mirror and take a picture of yourself taking pictures). Ahhh, fun stuff!